Interpretation Workshop 2022

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Tariff : 120 € / pers ( RT: 65 €)

The Interpretation Workshop is aimed at dancers from all levels except beginners – 20 couples maximum.

 Alejandro Gonzalez & Gisela Navonit  offer a really innovative pedagogy which allows everyone to express the essence of his/her dance.

On Thursday 18th, Friday 19th and Saturday 20th from 2 pm to 5.30 pm (with a 30 min break)


For those whishing to discover this new teaching method beforehand, we advise you to sign up for
the theme class 27  "Creation in movement "which is in fact an introduction to the Interpretation Workshop.

Detailed schedule :

The objective of this workshop by Gisela and Alejandro is to work on "creativity in movement". In other words, to develop technique and imagination in order to find our very own quality, our very own expression by integrating the different components of dance (movement, sensation, emotion).

To get to this point we will approach different dynamics of movement and relation to the music ; next, we will work on communication between the two roles of a couple to open together a space for dialogue and improvisation.
Then, on the last class, we will learn to master these tools to establish a more open exploration of our own  tango.

Dynamics and music : two key ingredients in Tango.


Day 1 - 2 classes (one hour and a half each) and a 30-minute-break:

Class 1: Dynamics and the qualities of movement 1- Gisela and Alejandro
Class 2: Dynamics et the qualities of  movement 2- Gisela et Alejandro

Day 2 - 2 classes (one hour and a half each) and a 30-minute-break:

Class 3: Dynamics in communication – Gisela
Class 4: Dynamics with  music – Alejandro

Day 3 – a three-hour workshop (3h) :

 Class 5: Creativity and expression, finding the spontaneous composition of the couple - Gisela et Alejandro

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