TAXXI Tango XXI is a modern tango orchestra dedicated to the composition and interpretation of 21st century tangos as well as to revisiting the repertoire of the golden age of tango with a modern take. TAXXI, is more than just another tango orchestra, it is a vehicle that allows us to convey in our music all the energy, rage and delicacy that make our chaotic universe. Our music roams through the streets and the trains tracks. We are the sound of the rush hour and the lonely tube corridors. TAXXI Tango XXI stokes the perpetual fire of the New Tango. A music that owes as much to Astor Piazzolla and Osvaldo Pugliese as to Nirvana or Led Zeppelin. TAXXI was created in 2013 by Pablo Gignoli, bandoneonist, composer and arranger joined by the finest tango musicians of Paris: Anne le Pape on violin, Romain de Mesmay on viola, Veronica Votti on violoncello, Lucas Eubel on double bass, Berivan Sart on piano and the great Sebastian Rossi, singer and composer of the group.

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