The festival

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Organised since 1998 by the Town Hall , Tarbes Tourist Office and the Association of Tangueando Ibos, the Festival of Tarbes en Tango is today, one of the largest tango festivals in the world.

During 9 days, it unites the grand masters of Argentinian tango, dancers and musicians, along with the tangueros venues from the four corners of the earth and the great public.
Based around a programme which is varied, eclectic and of quality, the dance, the music and the Argentinian culture remain the essential elements of the festival Tarbes en Tango.

During the day, a sensual and intoxicating atmosphere invades the town’s streets with the milongas (balls) and the tango aperos on the café terraces.
In the evening, the most prestigious areas of the town, the Jardin massey, the Theatre des Nouveauties  and the Halle Marcadieu welcome the shows, concerts and balls subliminated by around a hundred artists who have come specially from Argentina.

The tango, is also a culture which can be shared via the media of films, exhibitions, conferences, lectures etc….
The festival goers who wish to practice Argentinian tango can subscribe to the workshops for dance (beginner to professional), instruments, singing or DJ-ing.

Conviviality remains the key word of the festival and the local businesses (hotels, bars…) participate prolifically in this aspect.

Also the dedication of the organisers and technicians along with over a hundred volunteers all contribute to the success of the festival.
The international dimension of the festival is equally affirmed by the partnership with the Argentinian Ministry of Tourism

Over the years, a little piece of Argentina has become established in Tarbes :