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Tariff : 22 €  the classes / 5 classes : 100 € / 8 classes : 150 € / 12 classes : 210 €

From Monday 15th to Saturday 20th 
10.30 am to 12 am / 2 pm to 3.30 pm / 4 pm to 5.30 pm / 7.30 pm to 9 pm

They are for everyone, beginners or experienced dancers.
The registration can be individual for technical classes for man or woman (15 persons max), “from tango” workshop and "Tai-chi - Tango" workshop (20 persons max)


Technical Workshops for man or woman

Santiago Giachello & Eva Laura Madar
*C 58: Woman’s Technique- Sensuality in the feminine technique of tango
*C 59: Man’s Technique- Posture, elegance, floor support quality

Carlos Espinoza & Agustina Piaggio
*C 39: Woman’s technique- Enrosques - Technique and individual woman’s work
*C 40 Man’s technique: Enrosques- technique and individual man’s work

Octavio Fernandez & Corina Herrera
*C 28: Woman’s technique- Dissociation when and how?
*C 29: Man’s technique- Dissociation, when and how?

Mariano Otero & Alejandra Heredia
* C 48: Woman’s Technique - Pivots and Ochos
* C 49: Man’s Technique- How to activate the pivots (dynamic)

Cesar  Agazzi & Virginia Uva
* C 6: Woman’s Technique- Technique of turns
* C 7: Man’s Technique-Technique of turns

Lucas Ameijeiras & Yanina Bassi
* C 18:  Woman’s Technique- Walking- Turns- Embellishment when and how?
* C 19: Man’s Technique- Walking- Turns- Embellishment when and how?


The workshop is taught by Sylvie Dugachard, tango dancer and contemporary dancer trained in anatomy for movement
The 5 corporal workshop classes are meant for everyone, either beginners or confirmed dancers.

The objective is to enrich your tango technique by a more sensitive approach, centered on the 5 senses:

Each workshop will begin with a body awakening: self-massages, tapping, stretching... to awaken sensations and listening to the body.

Then according to the theme of the classe will come more specific exercises to each sense put forward, to be able to develop a better body consciousness and a finer listening by dancing .

The classes can be followed as a whole but classes can also be taken separately



Workshop proposed by France Chervoillot (tango dancer trained in the practice of Tai Chi Chuan yang style), complete many elements used in the Tango. (6 classes for everyone, either beginners or confirmed dancers) 

The practice of this is enriched through Tai Chi, which brings a deeper level of bodily awareness, of presence to oneself and of relationship to the other.
This martial art allows you to feel relaxation, fluidity, the notions of energy and unity.

The lessons can be followed as a whole but lessons can also be taken separately

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