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23 €  the classes / 5 classes : 100 € / 8 classes : 150 € / 12 classes : 210 €

From Monday 19th to Saturday 24th 
10.30 am-12 am / 2 pm-3.30 pm / 4 pm-5.30 pm / 6 pm-7.30 pm

For dancers of any level (beginners or experienced dancers)
They are available by individual registration.

Technical Workshops MAN & WOMAN

Fernando Sanchez & Ariadna naveira
C 6 : Woman's technical: the axis and its control during the dance, dissiction as fundamental movement
C 7 : Man's technical: weight control and guidance

Andrés Sautel & Celeste Medina
* C 17: Woman's Technical: posture -how to find balance with heels-Different types adornemnts and how o incorporate them into the dance
* C 18: Man’s Technical: posture and dissociation exercices-Exercices with adornments-Lápices, cruces and enrosques 

Carlos Espinoza & Agustina Piaggio
* C 28: Woman’s technical: circular movements
* C 29: Man’s technical: walk and musicality

Fausto Carpino & Stéphanie Fesneau
* C 48: Woman's technical: work of the standing/free leg
* C  49: Man's technical: work of he standing/free leg

Nicolás Schell & Nair Schinca
* C 64:  Woman’s technical: adornments, when to improvise them ? 
* C 65: Man’s technical: developa good guidance/intention

Ivan Romero & Silvana Nuñez
* C 84: Woman's technical :  use of the axis and balance-Posture and connection points to follow a guide -Adornments
* C85: Man's  technical: pivots, connection, dissociation 


"FROM BODY...TO TANGO" Workshop"

5 corporal classes (for dancers of any level)
Taught by Sylvie Dugachard

This year, each class begins with a body awakening specific to the theme followed by new exercises and explorations for the pleasure of a more sensory and creative dance.

C 14 Comfort adn quality ao feet in dance
C 36 Consciousness of the body in motion
C 45 Axis Balance Spiral
C 73 Pelvis center of movement
C 81 Between masculine & feminine, a shared tango

These classes can be followed as a whole but classes can also be taken separately
Take a comfortable outfit, socks, your dance shoes.


6 classes (for dances of  any level) 
Taught by France Chervoillot

Qi-gong is an ancestral method to learn how to transform our body towards more sensation and vitality.

Tai-chi brings a deeper level of body awareness, presence and relationship to one another.

These classes, with learning techniques of Qi-Gong and Tai Chi Chuan, complete many elements used in the practice of Argentine Tango.

These classes have a continuity however each class can be chosen separately.

C 25 Alternating tone / flexibility
C 55 Listening to the partner
C 76 The movement of the energetic body

C 4 From "thinking" to "feeling"
C 40 The body  of endless sensation
C 60 Cultivating the center


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