Music workshop

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230 €  (Reduced tariff 140 € only for students younger than 26 and secondary school pupils providing written proof).

6 five-hour workshop (30 hours)
From Monday, 14th to Saturday, 19th August,

10am-1 pm, 3pm-5 pm
(different schedules for bandoneon option).

Bring your instrument (violin, viola, cello, bass, bandoneon, flute, guitar, clarinet...).
Pianos are at your disposal, but in limited numbers.

Orchestra Option

For amateur musicians having a good instrumental practice and professionals musicians beginning tango.
Collective practice experience and good level of reading required for pianists .
Simplified partitions can be sent to bandoneonists who want them

Conducted by four musicians :

Pablo Murgier (piano and direction)
- Maxime Point (bnadonéon)
Mehdi Al-Tinaoui (violin)
- Sebastian Noya (double bass)

On the syllabus: techniques and styles learning in the traditional and contemporary tango, tutti and by section work.

Tango and Folklore "A La Parilla" option

Every instrument is possible.
With the multi-instrumentist musician and singer Alfonso Pacín

Participants work the pieces "a la parilla", that is the "live" creation of arrangements from a single simple melodic line with chord chart. 


The last day, all the participants present their work and take part in the concert
in the Consevatoire Henri Duparc Saturday 19th August.

SINGER workshop 

230 € (Reduced tariff 140 € only for students younger than 26 and secondary school pupils providing written proof).  

6 five-hour workshop (30 h)
from Monday 19th to Saturday 24 th August
10am-1 pm, 3pm-5 pm

Three levels:

• beginner levels
• intermediate - advanced levels
• advanced  levels – professional

The first day of the worshop, the teachers will define the groups after an interview on the first day of the course.

This workshop is under the direction of Ana Karina Rossi and Mirtha Alcaraz Dahhani, accompanied by the Argentine guitarist Agustin Luna.

They will go though the most famous styles of every Tango period : how to sing each style ? Which vocal technique to apply ? Which phrasing ?

Ana Karina and Mirta will offer a rich and coordinated preparation and in-depth work on:

● breathing techniques,
● principles of vocal emissions,
● comprehension of texts,
● correct pronunciation of Rio de la Plata
● improvisation and interpretation techniques,
● phrasing and nuances typical of Tango,
● staging of singing and other themes.

After registering, you will receive an email with the titles of the selected songs, the links, the music, the lyrics, the scores...

Minimum knowledge of Spanish is required
Participants must work on their scores before the festival.


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