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For semi-professional or confirmed dancers led,  by Carlos Espinoza & Agustina Piaggo

250 € (without reduced tariff)

Mandatory registration as a couple or leader-follower, 25 couples max

Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th, Thursday 17th and Friday 18th August
From 2 pm to 5.30 pm
with a 30 min break


The world of circular and linear movements


Tuesday 15th

Techniques for circular and linear movements
Understanding the circularity of the body is fundamental for controlling movement.
We will work on levels, tonicity, colors, synchronization. The first day we will use it to understand the techniques necessary to grasp circular movements.
From pivot to boleo

Wednesday 16th

Elasticity within the couple
We don’t have to do everything together. In this class, we will learn to dissociate the movements in the couple to generate circular elastic movements, creating accelerations and contrasts of dynamics in dance.

Thuesday 17th

Sacadas, entradas, elásticos  and boleos
The time has come to put into practice what you have learned so far using sacadas techniques to combine circular movements.
Structures combined with boleos, elásticos and sacadas, from social dance and and why not, a little more.

Friday 18th

Rhythmic variations, melody, interpretation, character.
To make any kind of movement in our dance philosophy, we need a reason, a purpose, this purpose defines the forms, techniques, colors, the way of doing what we do.
In this course, we will give a reason to be to the movements with the techniques seen so far, musical examples with different orchestras trying to adapt the structures to the music to give meaning to the dance, especially by working coherence in dance.




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