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Price : 250 €

For semi-professional or confirmed dancers with Pablo VERON et Cecila CAPELLO

From Tuesday, August 18th to Thursday, August 20th from 2 pm to 5.30 pm (with a 30 min break)

You must register as a couple

20 couples max

Be careful ! Registrations  on arrival order, limited space


Maximise the  fundamentals of Tango for a better improvisation


The objective of this seminar is to make participants assimilate some of the fundamentals which distinguish Tango dancing as well as musical notions, so that they may use these elements properly in their own improvisation.

In this seminar, we will study l Boléos, Ganchos, Arrastres and Sacadas from the point of view of both partners, along with  their combinations in dynamic sequences and in turns.


1 – Arrastres (barridas) : Mobility of the torso and hip for a more pleasant synchronisation.

2 – Ganchos for both partners, using the energy of the earth, of the free leg and of the spiral effect.

3 – Sacadas for both partners, concentration and liberation of the energy of the couple.

4 – Boleos  « en contra » or « a favor ».

5 – Giros : analysis of its three steps, in both directions et in its multiple possibilities. Centrifugal and  centripetal forces.

6 – Sequences : Combination of elements. Dynamics and the use of energy.



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