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The duo Los Suplentes, made up of Emiliano Faryna and Hugo Satorre, hit the dancefloors in 2017 with a milonguera proposal with their own arrangements. Their aim is to adapt the characteristic sound of the orchestras of the forties to the bandoneon and guitar duo format.

The distinctive essence of the duo is revealed in their oral arrangements, devoid of sheet music, which gives free rein to improvisation and provokes a fresh and constantly renewed sound. Space permitting, they play in the centre of the stage, inviting the audience to dance around them, creating the music.

At every performance, Los Suplentes manage to transform the stage into an intimate party, winning over the milonguero audience from the very beginning. They have left their mark in the most outstanding milongas of the Buenos Aires tango scene and have taken their art to more than ten European countries, with more than 250 concerts and five successful tours. The duo has participated in renowned festivals such as the Tarbes Festival, the "Montevideo Tango" and the In-Tango Festival in Germany. In 2021, they released two albums, "¡A la Pista!!!" and "Nuevas Composiciones", available in physical format and on digital platforms.

Currently, Los Suplentes are immersed in the creation of their next album and in preparations for a five-month tour of Europe in 2024. Emiliano Faryna and Hugo Satorre, with an extensive professional career and several awards, including a Latin Grammy nomination and the Carlos Gardel Award, continue to take their music to new heights with a touch of authenticity.

Hugo Satorre, bandoneonist musician, born in Buenos Aires on 15 July 1977, began his studies at the Conservatoire Juan José Castro, before prospering them with the most prestigious bandoneonists of today. He shared the stage with masters Leopoldo Federico, Emilio Balcarce, José Libertela, Atilio Stampone and Nestor Marconi and appeared in the most prestigious theatres and concert halls of the five continents.

Emiliano Faryna, guitarist, composer and arranger, born in Buenos Aires on 25 April 1980, began his musical studies at the age of ten. He also studied at the J. P. Esnaola music school and in particular with master Marcelo Gutfraind. He has integrated several Argentine music ensembles, with which he has recorded and toured in Argentina, South America and Europe. He is currently a member of ventarron and Varela, Rudi Flores Trio, in addition to directing his own musical proposal.


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