Dicri TangoDj

Born in Buenos Aires, he studied Argentine folklore for 7 years. He started Tango in 2003 and became interested in deejaying.

He learnt from the best Tango teachers who also gave him inspiration to lead the music at milongas.

Since 2006 he has been living in Spain and hosting milongas, encuentros and festivals in Europe. For him, one cannot lead the music without the great Golden Age orchestras, from the twenties to the fifties. His musical approach respects the fluidity of every tanda and gives the tangueros a constant desire to dance.

Present at events

Milonga Halle Marcadieu

Milonga - Halle Marcadieu


Milonga au Haras de Tarbes

Milonga - Haras de Tarbes


Milonga Mairie

Milonga - Place de la Mairie

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