Mariano Otero y Alejandra Heredia


Originally from Argentina, now based in Madrid, Mariano's Tango style is characterized by creativeness expressiveness and power of dance. Together with Alejandra, their unique dance as a couple is based on a foundation of ballet, modern dance and jazz. In addition to their very recognizable style, they bring that special something every time they come out on stage. You can be sure to be taken on a magical journey unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Based in Madrid, they are characterized by the expressiveness and power of their dance, have worked in Spain and abroad with major orchestras and in companies composed of internationally renowned dancers.

They have been formed in other dances such as ballet, modern dance and jazz and they also take regular classes in interpretation.

In 2010 they participated with his work "La Couture of the Heart" at the Festival Cambalache and in 2012 they were one of the couples of the International Congress Of Argentinian Tango (CITA). The two calls are internationally recognized and developed in the City of Buenos Aires.

They develop a theatrical work that is evident in their choreographies. In addition, in this line they have five works that combine tango with humor in an exceptional way. "La Costura del Corazón", "Ello", "LED Passion", "Te quiero, Vieja I and II" and "Titanes en el ring" are short pieces that will not leave you indifferent. They are the most personal and beloved work of this couple.

They currently work in festivals around the world where they teach and perform exhibitions (International Wuppertal Festival, TangoMatrix Festival, Leipzig, Catania, Oldenburg, Aix en Provence, Monprimblanc, Rovinj, Innsbruck, Vilnius Tango Fiesta, Istanbul International Festival, International Festival Tango de Lisboa, Maria de Buenos Aires in Denmark, Tango Festival in Seville, Wawel Tango Festival in Krakow, Tango Amadeus in Vienna, Istanbul Tango Experience, Lisbon Tango Festival, Aix les Bains, International Trieste Festival, among others).


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