Cesar Agazzi & Virginia Uva

They form one of the most interesting couples of the new generation of professional dancers. 

Owners of an enviable technique, result of years of study with the greatest masters of tango salon and stage, they shape a style of high emotional content, where feelings go together with fluidity and dynamics. 

As professionals, they've worked in the most prestigious Tango houses of Buenos Aires and shared the stage with "number one" artists as: Carlos Gavito, Jesus Velazquez, El Chiqui Pereira, Los Reyes del Tango, Osvaldo Berlingieri, Los Pimpinela, Susana Rinaldi and Adriana Varela, just to mention a few. 

As teachers and dancers, they provide shows, courses and seminars in Buenos Aires and other cities in Latin America, Europe and Asia. Based in France since 2012, they offer courses regularly for the associations " TANGUEANDO TOULOUSE ","TANGO À VIVRE" and "TANGUEROS DE PERPIGNAN

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