Francisco Leiva & Agostina Tarchini

Francisco Leiva

Director, Choreographer, Dancer


Francisco Leiva, scenic director, is the creator of fifteen shows already produced in Spain, France, Japan, Argentina ... among others.


Director, choreographer, actor, dancer, playwright and pedagogue. He studied theater, classical dance, contemporary dance and Argentine tango in Argentina and France with great masters such as Ricardo Bartis, Carolyn Carlson, among others. He has been dancing, playing and directing for 20 years.

The Tango has been with him all his life and he has had the chance to work and experiment with the big names of tango, world-class dancers. Her tango partners were Silvina Valz, Silvia Fuentes, Angie Gonzalez, and Victoria Vieyra, among others.

Since the beginning of his artistic career he has led and managed many projects as director. A natural leader, he knows how to bring together great talents, make a group shine, and create shows of great artistic quality.

Curious by nature, he likes to discover different artistic disciplines, to be inspire with them and to includ them in his projects. This brings him naturally to cross artists of different cultures and origins to bring them around the Tango and make a multiple Tango or create a proposal combining several disciplines.

Creator and Director of the Tango School of Paris since 2014 and events such as "La Milonga El Corazon des Abbesses" in Paris, "Bailarinas Tango Festival" and the "European Festival of Tango Escenario" in Paris also.


Agostina Tarchini



Choreographer and professional dancer. Born in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. He made his first steps as a member of the Latin American Ballet Folklorico. Teacher of Argentine and Latin American folk dances in 2007.

In Buenos Aires, she studied tango and folklore at the Buenos Aires University of the Arts. She has received international awards such as: Finalist of the Festival of Tango Vía Feria of Manizales. (Colombia 2015). Best dancer at Buyukcekmece festival of CIOFF (Turkey 2016). Miss Festival as part of the CIOFF festival "Interfolk Festival" Kolobrzeg. (Poland 2016). World Champion Stage Tango (Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017). Selected for the DIOMEDES TUNEZ Award for his contributions to cultural identity (Venezuela 2018).

She has worked in the shows of prestigious tango houses in Buenos Aires, such as "Café Tortoni" and "La Ventana, Barrio de Tango".

Dance Assistant at the Teatro Colón for the Opera "Ascension and Fall of the City of Mahagonny" directed by Marcelo Lombardero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She trained in other urban beats such as Waacking, Vogue, Street Jazz, Heels.

She tours extensively in Japan, part of the Tokyo Tango City Company, where she presents tango and stage classes, as well as many shows in different milongas such as Tango Sol, Tango Rex and Tango Origin. , Tanguera. Creator and director of the folklore company "Sonkoy Japonés".

She has appeared on many stages in Asia: China, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and Europe: Spain, Greece, France, Poland, Hungary, Turkey and Israel.

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