Alejandro Gonzalez & Gisela Navonit

Gisela and Alejandro's work is based on the vision of tango as improvisation dance. Both parts being equally important in the creation of this dance.
Discovering that the tango is the result of these three factors: the music, the space and the encounter between two bodies.
Developing the knowledge of our body, its mechanics of movement, listening as a couple and the roles.
All these elements are worked and studied in order to create a deep communication towards a sincere dialogue, leaving in each tango the taste of the unrepeatable.

Gisela Navonit


She has studied various dance techniques. Since 1998 she has been completely dedicated to tango as a dancer, teacher and event organizer in Europe and Latin America, based on Barcelona.
Since 2004, she has carried out her TangoNeta! project.


Alejandro Gonzalez

Buenos Aires/Argentina

He has studied tango and other dances since he was 13 years old. He has been dedicated to tango since 1994 as a dancer, teacher, dj, organizer of intensive and milongas, traveling through Europe and Latin America, with his base in Barcelona.


They work together since 2013, collaborating and complementing each other, as teachers and organizers. Since 2016 they create together ExploTango Marathon


Present at events


Show - Halle Marcadieu


C 27: Creation in motion - introduction to the interpretation workshop

Danse - ND


Interpretation workshop

Danse - ND

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