DJ Damian Boggio

Damián Boggio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1972. He has been a tango dj since 1999.

He has played music in Buenos Aires´s best milongas between 2000 and 2010 ("Salón Canning", "La Nacional", "El Beso", "Porteño y Bailarín", "CITA", "La Noche de Gavito"),
learning from the great and passionate porteño (born in, belonging or related to Buenos Aires) dancers, kwon as“old milongueros (old milonga dancers), who frequented their “tango, friends and drinks nights”.

Between 2006 and 2010 he organizes his “Mina Milongga”, in Salón Canning, every twesday,
presenting the best dancers and orchestras live.

From 2004 he travels to Europe, proposing his distinctive (unmistakable) music playing style. Up to date he has played music in Italy, Germany, UK, France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Romany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Luxemburg and Holland.

In 2006 he starts organizing coursesfor those wanting to be tango djs, in which many of the present well known tango djs learnt their trade.

In 2008 he is the first tango dj to play music in Asia (Corea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam), also giving his highly appreciated courses.

In 2009 he creates his “La Típica Mina” orchestra, with which he tours around Italy. In 2011 the group returns to Europe as a duo (piano and bandoneón).

His interest is focused on promoting the original tango music. Today he does so in his tour “EL DISCO ES CULTURA 2019” (“Record is Culture 2019”), around Argentina, Europe and Asia, as he has been doing during the last years. To achieve his goal he uses the old vinyl records that belonged to his parents and grandparents, the same he used at the beginning of his career, back in 1999, in Buenos Aires.

Nowadays he is the only one to play tango music using vinyl records, carrying them along all around the world, after more than 10 years of experience in the milongas of Buenos Aires.

This has inspired many tango djs to perform likewise, fhus bringing back to life the interest in the original old records.

His Teachers were, are and will be Osvaldo Natucci and Mario Orlando.

His inspiration, la Épica de Félix Picherna (Félix Pichema´s Epic).

Present at events


Show - Halle Marcadieu


Milonga Massey

Milonga - Jardin Massey


Milonga in the night Mairie

Milonga - Place de la Mairie

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