DJ Sarina Cassaro 'La Arrabalera'


Style of music : traditional music with tandas and cortinas, energy and tenderness . Music is made in vivo that is without any prior programming, following   the dancers on the dance floor and the ball atmosphere.
I like to watch the dancers on the dance floor and according their mood as well  as mine I choose the right tune. There is no mistery in the way to undestand a ball, it involves in learning about it and being  with it, and avoiding  being distracted.

I was born in Sicilia (Italy) with the french nationality. I am very proud to belong to a great Italo-Argentinian  family : Pugliese family with my paternal grandmother. My father musician, singer, dancer gave me the  love of music. I attended Tourcoing conservatory where I studied classical singing (mezzo soprano)
I started Tango in 1997. I created  my first association in 2OOO when I started to put music on and to teach.
I have a 2O years experience in musiciansip
I organize milongas on a regular basis (La Yumba in Nice) and the  Nice International Tango Festival   
I had the pleasure to put music in many Milongas and Festivals in France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland  and so on.
Some festivals :
Festival de MENTON (France): 2004 – 2006   Festival de SIRMIONE (Italie) : 2005  Festival de BARCELONE (Espagne) :2007 et 2008  Festival de PARIS (France) 2010 -  2012 – 2014 Festival de NICE (France) : 2009 – 2010 – 2011 – 2012 – 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2018 Festival de BONIFACIO Corse 2012 - 2013. (France) Festival de ROMA 2014 (Italie)  Festival de PARIS  2014 (France)  Festival de SALONISSIMO (Italie) 2015 Festival Meeting BARCELONA (Espagne) 2015 Festival PENISCOLA  (Espagne) 2015 Festival de PARIS  (France) 2016 Festival de METZ (France) 2016 Festival d’ANTWERPEN (Belgique) 2016 Festival  PENISCOLA (Espagne) 2016 Festival Itinérant de GENOVA (Italie) 2016
Festival de SEVILLA (Espagne) 15-19/02/2017 Argentina  Spectacle-Milonga Grand REX PARIS - 3-11-17 Encuentro Tanguero Jumelage Bastia CORSICA 28-04-2018 Tango Postal Toulouse (France) 4-07-2018 Festival Salonissimo Savona (Italia) 2019 Festival de Benidorm Spain 2020

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