Quinteto Respiro

« When a music agrees to be summed up by a set phrase, this is definitely a sign of death. What is fantastic with the Living Arts such as Tango, is that they keep making it more and more complicated for us to define. » Gustavo Beytelmann.


Since we started in 2009, our music has been at the heart of the issue Tango has been confronted with for decades : Which current representations can we offer to old inherited materials ?


Our album appears as some answer to this major question, starting from old traditional themes amongst the greatest classics of early XXth century ballrooms, such as Don Juan (1910) or La Cumparsita (1915), including Contrabajeando (1954) by Troilo and Piazzolla revisited, to get to innovative even daring compositions by Gustavo Beytelmann, such as Travesia (1986) or Al Declinar el Dia (2016).


So with this repertoire, we strongly defend the idea that – to make use of Leopoldo  Marechal’s words – « Tango epitomises infinite possibility ».


Sabrina Condello

Cellist in Quinteto Respiro

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Concert Quinteto Respiro

Concert - Théâtre des Nouveautés

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