Típica Folklórica

La Típica Folklórica, directed by Alfonso Pacín, is made up of musicians from different backgrounds but with a common interest in folk music. La Típica Folklórica revisits and updates ancient folklore by opening up to new musical syntax (jazz and other contemporary South American music). In this way, Argentinian folklore continues to evolve and to provide a field for creation and experimentation for today's musicians.

Alfonso Pacin (musical direction, arrangements, violin, guitar, percussion),

Weronika Rychlik, Elsa Sissia, Caroline Pearsall (violins),

Anne Mazeau (piano),

Romain Lécuyer (double bass),

Marie-Anne Faupin (bandoneon, flute)

Alexandre Peigné (bandoneon).

Nadia Larcher (vocals)

Present at events

CONCERT: Típica Folklórica

Concert - Théâtre les Nouveautés

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