Jerez Le Cam Trio

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The Jerez Le Cam Ensemble was born in 2005 spurred on by Gerardo Jerez Le Cam  so as to create and publicise its music. The Ensemble is a musical dynamic formula which can be declined in duo, trio quartet or septet with knowing partner musicians.

Jerez Le Cam TRIO :

Iacob Maciuca, violin

Faithful companion and fellow musician, he is the central ally in all the Jerez Le Cam Ensemble projects.His virtuoso and poetical violin playing generously supply the creative expression of Gerardo Jerez le Cam


Manu Comté, bandoneon 

He was noticed by Gerardo Jerez le Cam thanks to his non traditional way of letting the bandoneon do the talking, characterised by the lightness, suppleness and virtuosity of his playing.

Gerardo JLC, composition and  piano

Composer and pianist born in 1963, he  graduated from the Dipolito Conservatoire in Buenos Aires. He then did further studies with pianist and composer Alberto Mercanti, Chamber Music and interpretation with, among others, Masters Jose Bondar, Lejrko Spiller and Juarez Johnson. In Argentina, he conducted for some Opera companies and  joined classical and contemporary music, folklore and Tango orchestras.

He came to France in 1992 and met violonist Iacob Maciuca and other musicians from eastern countries who deeply influenced his musical original language. He ceated several groups such as Cuarteto Jerez, Translave, and more recently his quartet  Jerez Le Cam Quartet and trio.


Present at events

CONCERT : Jerez Le Cam trio

Concert - Théâtre des Nouveautés

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