Agustín Luna

Agustín Luna

Born in 1981 in the city of La Plata, Argentina. He began studying guitar with Marcelo Iglesias and Julio Azcano, then continued his training at the Provincial Conservatory of Music @CAP_FIRST$luis Gianneo, Mar del Plata, with professor Silvia Castro.
At the age of 18, his presence at the Baradero Festival 2000 { 26th Festival of Argentine Popular Music { earned him the { Revelation{ award}. Since then, he has also made frequent presentations at the Guitarras del Mundo Festival, the world’s largest gathering of prestigious national and international guitarists that tour the different venues located in Argentine cities. He continues his academic training and in 2007 he graduated as a guitar-oriented Professor of Music, a degree awarded by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata.
In 2008 he moved to the city of Florence (Italy) to perfect himself in classical guitar with master Edoardo Catemario.
From there he toured Spain, Italy, the United States, Brazil and Uruguay.
In 2011 he presents his album "Cuerda al aire", which belongs to the famous collection "Guitarras del Mundo (vol 37)", edited by EPSA music, where he interprets his arrangements and versions of tango and folklore, and where the participation as guest of the renowned guitarist Juan Falú stands out.

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Chant - Conservatoire Henri Duparc

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