Ana Karina Rossi

Ana Karina Rossi

‘A heart that sings’

Ana Karina Rossi, tango interpreter and performer in music and theatre stages across the world, in collaboration with artists from diverse disciplines, different cultures and nationalities. Engaged in numerous ensembles with world-renowned musicians and Tango Maestros. Maintains a close artistic partnership with Uruguayan Literature Nobel Prize nominee and poet, Maestro Horacio Ferrer, famously recognized as lyricist for Astor Piazzolla; other partnerships include Maestro Gustavo Beytelmann, former artistic director of Gotan Project, and pianist and composer Maestro Alberto Magone. Holds leading roles in the production and direction of multidisciplinary and multicultural projects involving dance, fashion, film, radio, and TV. Endlessly pursuing to expand, explore and exploit artistic boundaries in music, theatre, and the interaction with global audiences.


Present at events

SINGING workshop

Chant - Conservatoire Henri Duparc

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