Mariana Mariñelarena

With 20 years of professional career, she specializes in Argentine music. She studied with great references of percussion such as Carlos Rivero, Rodolfo Sanchez, Rubén Lobo, Huber Reyes among others. She is part of different groups and accompanies big names of this music as: JAIME TORRES (Charanguista and referent of the Argentine music) from 2013 to 2016, MELANIA PEREZ, SARA MAMANI (Singer and composer Salteña) and FLORENCE DÁVALOS. They organize a concert-tribute to JAIME DÁVALOS - 100 YEARS at the Kirchner Cultural Center. It also organises private lessons and workshops.

Present at events

CONCERT: Punto de encuentro

Concert - Théâtre des Nouveautés

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