Violon : Chloé Bousquet

Bandonéon : Hubert Plessis

Piano : Marie-Laure Dupont

Contrebasse : Felipe Nicholls

Chanteur invité : Brian Chambouleyron

Cuchicheo is a project organised in 2013 in Toulouse  by Chloé Bousquet, Hubert Plessis et Xavier Gainche. After a first adventure as a quartet during which  they made their first album in 2016, the project is now evolving as a trio with the Franco- Italian pianist Lorenzo Naccarato.

An accomplished musician, Vidal Rojas shared the stage with some great music artists in Argentinian popular music such as Ciro Pérez, William Sabatier, Raoul Barboza and Fernando Maguna. 

Felipe Nicholls played with renowned Tango and Folklore artists like Roger Helou, Daniel Melingo, William Sabatier, Ciro Pérez, Mandy LeRouge and Lalo Zanelli.

From the Guardia Vieja traditional tango to Astor Piazzola’s  Nuevo Tango, by way of the Golden Age tangos, Cuchicheo combines the tradition of this music for the dancers, with a constant stylistic quest in their  musical landscape.

Through their arrangements, the musical influences of each artist emerge : it is the sound of an open group, tinted with various sources of inspiration (classical music, jazz or even Afro-Cuban music).

Through elegant waltz, enthusiastic tangos and roguish milongas,  Cuchicheo whispers this  music from poor districts, tender, profound, generous, both subtle and harsh which poeticises our emotions.

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