Our tango orchestra was formed in early 2011. We chose the tango because we consider it the most representative music of the portègne culture, and we think it is fundamental to form groups of young musicians, which promote new and current stylistic research to continue this tradition of more than a century, while renewing the style, sound and artistic proposals. Our aim is to communicate with the tanguero public and attract new listeners who are not used to the style or who consider it obsolete, offering them an identity closer to the current codes of music and modern art.

The group has six typical instruments of the tango, and at the same time an almost unprecedented formation of sextet of soloists in which none of them is repeated. We want to differentiate the sound and personality of each of the performers, unlike the Typical Orchestras of Tango. We decided to give each member creative freedom in his role, with the possibility of writing new arrangements and compositions for the group. After the first live performances, singer Hernán Fernández expressed an interest in joining the band. Since we knew this performer and knew his artistic level, arrangements of classical tango songs were quickly prepared for this.

At the moment, the band has been widely integrated into the city’s musical circuit, while highlighting its aesthetic identity more clearly. In addition, we carried our tango inside Argentina and the European continent, especially in the International Tango Festivals. Sexteo Visceral has three albums published: Mordiendo el suelo (2013), Champagne Tango (2015) and Milonga de mis amores (2017).

Sexteto Visceral will be performing on the occasion of its European Tour 2022, featuring its new album "Todos los fuegos".

Francisco Ferrero: Piano and conduction

Emiliano Guerrero: Bandoneon

Javier Kase: Violin

Cecilia Barrales: Cello

Mauro Paternoster: Guitar

Martín Wainer: Contrabass



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