Brian Chambouleyron

He is not only a prominent singer and guitar player but also a composer, music arranger, music teacher and producer in many of his most recent albums and shows. He is the typical “porteño” -a representative of the tango culture from Buenos Aires- who was, paradoxically, born in Paris, and is now considered one of the main exponents of the new generation of artists in the tango and Argentinean popular music scene.

Brian Chambouleyron is a singer, guitar player, composer and music arranger who has been part of numerous artistic endeavors and has recreated traditional songs within the genre of tango, Argentinean and international music in his very personal style. Always from a contemporary perspective, Brian brings us versions that have the mark of his showmanship and his unique vocal personality.

Present at events

Concert in Massey: Brian Chambouleyron

Concert - Jardin Massey

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