Sylvie Dugachard

From Body …to Tango

Workshops Corporeal around the Argentine Tango

 Sylvie Dugachard contemporary dancer and tango dancer trained in Anatomy for Movement and different body techniques, Feldenkrais, qi gong...   accompanies you for the 9th year, on the path of your tango.

At each class an individual body awakening specific to the theme is highlighted to awaken sensations and listening to the body. Then walking exercises and practices  to be able to use this body awareness while dancing, to better master and use the specific elements of the different roles and develop a more active and sensitive dance.


Develop listening to your body, feeling in dance

 Free oneself from tensions

Explore supports, tools to enrich your technique

Improve listening, communication with your partner

Finding ease in the guidance


 This year new exercises, new explorations, for a more sensory dancing body, to dance with more ease, creativity and pleasure.

 The whole workshop forms a whole but each course can be taken separately.

- Comfort and quality of feet in dance

- Body awareness in motion

- Spiral Balance Axis

- Pelvis Center of movement

- Between masculine and feminine, the taste of a shared tango

The lessons can be followed as a whole but lessons can also be taken separately

 Wear comfy clothes , some socks and your dancing shoes.

Present at events

C 14: Comfort and quality of feet in dance

Autres - ND


C 36: Consciousness of the body in motion

Autres - ND


C 45 : Axis balance Spiral

Autres - ND


C 73: Pelvis center of movement

Autres - ND


C 81: Between masculine and feminine, a shared tango

Autres - ND

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