A Voglia Duo

Born in Calabria, Emanuela "Manupe" Perrupato has collaborated on various world music projects. She studied traditional, lyrical and jazz singing. She practised different styles of dance, from ethnic to contemporary.

Bruno Giannotta was born in Salento (the eastern tip of southern Italy). He studied classical guitar and obtained the state diploma in Jazz before devoting himself to accompaniment. His game is a mix of these different styles and techniques.

Soft and subtle, this duo draws from its origins the inspiration necessary for an interpretation that is both traditional but also very personal.
Argentina was a favourite destination for Italian migrants at the beginning of the 20th century. Many Tango authors and composers have names of Italian origin such as Piazzolla, Pugliese, Stamponi, Francini or Baglietto among others. The performance offered by the duo A Voglia is inspired by the melodies of the South, connecting continents, eras and cultures.

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