Asato Pais Duo

Ayelén Pais : Bandoneon

Cristián Asato : piano

After an extensive individual career in the tango scene, in 2018, Ayelén Pais and Cristián Asato join forces to create their own artistic expression.
With a repertoire composed entirely of original
arrangements, the duo's sonority is nourished by the works of the great Argentine composers, the tango of the 40s and elements of contemporary music.
In 2019, the "Festival de Tango de Buenos Aires" opens a call for new proposals, and the duo is selected as the best instrumental project.
In March 2020, unable to continue with the activity in person, the duo begins to generate audiovisual content for YouTube. The novel and dynamic way of approaching the topics generated a great interest in the community, and they were even named in the news portal of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires as the "Youtubers of Tango".
In 2021 the "Instituto Nacional de la Música" awarded ASATO-PAIS with the subsidy "Argentina Florece", a programme destined to the new Argentinean phonographic production.
Currently the group is about to release two albums, one of tango classics, and another dedicated to the work of the composer Alberto Ginastera.

Present at events

CITA Asato - Mercadente

Others - Conservatoire Henri Duparc


CONCERT: Asato País duo

Concert - Théâtre des Nouveautés

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