Azabache Tango is an innovative musical proposal in the current tango.
Since the formation of the string quartet, the group has developed an original repertoire strongly rooted in the popular music of Rioplatense.
The group has extensive audiovisual work, available on its YouTube channel and a studio album released in 2021 on all digital platforms.

Katharina Deissler

She was born in the German Black Forest and trained at the Leipzig Conservatory. Attracted by tango, she arrived in Argentina in 2011 where she started working at the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires.

Adriana Miranda

She was born in La Paz, Bolivia, to settle in Argentina. She is trained at the National Arts University and plays as a violinist in the National Symphony Orchestra.

Esteban Fioroni

He grew up in Olavarría, province of Buenos Aires. Trained in composition at the Argentine Catholic University and viola at the National University of Arts, he currently plays as a violinist in the Juan de Dios Filiberto Argentine National Orchestra of Music.

Bruno Bragato

Born in Buenos Aires, he trained at the Royal Conservatory of Liège (Belgium) and then continued his studies at the Conservatories of Brussels and Antwerp. He officiates as cellist in the main orchestras of Buenos Aires.




Present at events


Concert - Théâtre des Nouveautés

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