Tango Spleen Orquesta & Sarita Schena

Tango Spleen Orchestra, with the Italian-Argentine singer Sarita Schena, presents its sixth album "Se encendieron los colores" (The Colors Ignited). A tribute to danced tango, with new arrangements of iconic songs and new compositions by Mariano Speranza, both instrumental and vocal. The voices of Sarita and Mariano come together in a duo, exploring both original songs and great classics.

Tango Spleen Orchestra is one of the leading orchestras in the tango music scene. Founded in 2008 in Italy by the Argentine pianist, singer, and composer Mariano Speranza, it is a reference for the interpretation and arrangement of classics as well as for its own compositions.

With hundreds of performances, festivals, and shows alongside the most representative tango artists, the orchestra stands out in valuable collaborations (lyrical, progressive rock, fado, singer-songwriter...) in more than twenty-five countries, from Italy to Argentina, from South Korea to the United States, from Kuwait to Russia.

As the only European ensemble invited to the National Tango Festival in La Falda, Argentina (2011), Tango Spleen surprises in concert series and dance seasons in important venues, moving thousands of dancers worldwide (tango festivals such as Tarbes, Toulouse, Turin, Edinburgh, Bordeaux, Odessa, Trieste, Innsbruck, Blackpool...).

Tango Spleen Orchestra has 6 original discographic works to its credit (Tango Spleen 2010 - Tipico 2012 - Canto para seguir 2015 - Contatto 2018 - Vamos a la Distancia 2021 - Se encendieron los colores 2023).

"If someone had just created the tango genre in the 2010s, it might very well sound like Tango Spleen." - Tomáš Kohl."


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Milonga Halle Marcadieu

Milonga - Halle Marcadieu

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