Típica Andariega


Mariano Flores González : PIANO

Stine Engen : BANDONEÓN

Gonzalo Lesta : VIOLIN

​Marisol Martinez : VOZ

The Orquesta Típica Andariega was created in Buenos Aires in September 2009 with the idea of making a new danceable tango based on a solid base of classical tango.
The orchestra has a repertoire "bien milonguero" - as we say in Spanish - which means that it is a music intimately linked to the milonga and good for dancing! It is a mixture between new arrangements of the most popular tangos, waltzes, milongas and new tango compositions that preserve the rhythmic and danceable spirit of the forties and at the same time add the energy of the new tango movement of the millennium.

History: Andariega has recorded five CDs "Pertenencia" (2011), "Andiamo" (2014), "Balliamo" (2017)  "Avanti" (2019) "Fresedo con Amore" (2022) and has toured Europe ten times from 2012 to 2022.

The orchestra is known in the European milonguero environment and has visited in recent years countries such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Latvia, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Greece. He has played in major tango festivals, cultural festivals, milongas and renowned theatres throughout Europe. The orchestra also toured Chile (Valparatango Festival 2014) and played in other parts of Argentina (Junín, Tandil, América, Rosario, Salto and Venado Tuerto).

The fact that the orchestra is "bailable" has been recognized recently through the contest "Nuevo Concurso de Música Bailable de Tango Argentino 2018" where he won the composition of Luigi Coviello, 'Avanti'.
In 2019, the orchestra was part of an ethnomusicological/ethnochoreographic research in Graz, Austria, and was selected as the most danceable orchestra among 10 of today’s largest tango orchestras.
Also the innovative videoclips made by the conductor of the orchestra, Luigi Coviello, have received the recognition with a first prize for "Avanti" as "The Best Videoclip" in The Festival and World of tango 2020.

The orchestra is constantly presented in different of the most appreciated stages of Buenos Aires, among these: International Tango Festival in Buenos Aires, La Viruta, CCC, Torquato Tasso, Confiteria Club Malcolm, Ideal, Milonga Parakultural - Salon Canning, Vintage Festival in Buenos Aires, Independent Tango Festival in Buenos Aires and El Galpón B.

The group received several grants from the Concertation Regime for the Musical Activity of BA Música.
In 2014 the album "Andiamo" was considered eligible for funding by El Régimen de Promoción Cultural (patronage). In 2016 the album "Balliamo" was considered eligible for funding by El Régimen de Promoción Cultural (patronage).

In 2022 the Andariega won the world festival of Buenos Aires as best tango video with the video "Avanti".

Present at events

Milonga Halle Marcadieu

Milonga - Halle Marcadieu

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