Quinteto IRREAL

The Quinteto Irreal is a group of 6 musicians whose repertoire is dedicated to Argentine music, and especially to tango.
It is a pure product of the Tarbes tango festival, which is very attached to the teaching and transmission of the different styles of this music.
His repertoire is composed of tangos, waltzes and milongas, sung or instrumental.
The band is composed of: Michelle Lopez on vocals, Anne Terrières on double bass, Jean-Luc Massol on piano and guitar, Marie-Pierre Boudeau on bandonion, Patrick Pastier and Jacques Pfeiffer on violins.
Since June 2022, the quintet has performed at the Transpyrénéennes d'Ibos, in Tardets,(64), in Lannion, Rennes, Plouer sur Rance and Nantes during a Breton tour in November 2022,  at the Hospital in Bagnères de Bigorre, at the café "le Celtic" from Tarbes, to the milonga "Enforfina" of Toulouse, and finally to Zaragoza for the 25 years of the association "El Garage"

Present at events

Apéro Etal 36

Apero-tango - Etal 36

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