Duo Mascetti Perrupato

The duo Mascetti - Perrupato was born from the meeting of a singer and a pianist sharing their passion for Tango.
In 2023, the duo won over audiences at the Estivales de Tango in Bagnères de Bigorre, the tango aperitifs at the Festival de Tarbes en Tango, the Marathon Tang'Auch... and in 2024 they presented their show LES CHANTS DE L'ÂME alongside dancer Klara Beyeler.
A classically trained pianist, Anne Mascetti discovered Argentine music 15 years ago. Tempo & Tango in 2019, Solo Piano Romantico in 2021, allow her to express herself beyond her usual repertoire.
A singer-songwriter, Emanuela Parrupato sings with Chet Nuneta and several world music groups. After A Voglia, and while drawing on her Italian roots, she continues to offer a spellbinding and highly personal interpretation of the tango.
Together, the two musicians create an authentic, intimate space that pays homage to a powerful music that has never been exhausted.


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Concert - Théâtre les Nouveautés


Apéro L'Europe

Apero-tango - L'Europe

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