Fernando Rodriguez & Estefania Gomez

Fernando Rodriguez & Estefania Gomez

Who are we?
Since 2015, we started our professional tour together presenting ourselves in renowned tango houses such as Esquina Carlos Gardel, Tango Porteño, Faena "Rojo Tango" "Piazzolla tango ".
Since 2017 we joined the Tango Company of Mora Godoy. We toured with the show "Tango Remix" in China in January and June of that same year, at the Opera and the National Theatre of China. We toured with this show cities like Shanghai, Nanjing, Ningbo, Chengdu, Chongqing and Guangzhou. Then we were in London doing presentations and in Costa Rica, at the XV International Arts Festival (FIA). With this same show we made presentations in Misiones and Necochea. We work as choreographers of the Tango Lover s Company, being awarded as best choreography in the U.S. We give a Seminar of Tango Stage, within the framework of the Danzart Festival, held in the town of Cipoletti, Río Negro. In the same month we presented at the CCK (Blue Whale Hall), three times. From the Presidency of the Nation we were summoned to present ourselves at the gala dinners that will be offered in our country to the President of Italy Sergio Mattarella. Also when there was the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and for the closure of the G20, which was held in May 2017 in Argentina. During the months of June and July we toured with the show "Tanguera", El Musical in Germany, Munich and London.

We were part in 2018 of the show "Chantecler", in the renowned Teatro Tango porteño. Currently in the same place, we are part as dancers and choreographers of "Bailando Tango", both shows directed by Mora Godoy. With the Company "360 Independent Dance", we present ourselves as protagonists in the Theater Up Trilce, with the show "Goodbye Tango". In July and August we had presentations in Chile with "Tango Genuine", Company of Karina Piazza. In November we visited that country again with the show Esquina Carlos Gardel. In October we were called for the inauguration of the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. In December we were called to participate in the Olimpia Awards 2018, organized by the Sports Journalists Circle of Buenos Aires, where the work of Argentine athletes is recognized. As artistic captains of the show of Esquina Carlos Gardel we made the tour of Chile at the end of 2018 We are part of the stable cast of "Piazolla Tango Show" directed by Dolores De Amo and Juan Fabri.
In the year 2019 we were crowned world champions of tango Escenario » 2019 and later declared in the province of Rio Negro "cultural ambassadors" of that province, we are sponsored by the Emprotur (entity of tourist promotion of LAS GRUTAS, SAN ANTONIO OESTE and SAN ANTONIO ESTE). We conduct training seminars in the interior of Argentina. We conducted our artistic tour through Madrid, Naples, Reggio Calabria, Rome, Moscow, Samara , Tollieti , Cazan, Athens and Torino as World Champions of Tango Stage , in the month of November and December 2019, In Russia we are part of the Russian Orchestra show "Solo Tango". We participated as juries of the contest "MOSCOW BALL 2019" in Moscow, organized by "Galla Dance".

During the quarantine our country suffered we were called by "Dance for Peace" along with 27 national and international artists in contribution to UNICEF ARGENTINA. We are also part of the virtual gala of UNESCO ARGENTINA CID "International Dance Day 2020".

In 2021 we are part of the company FRATRES TANGO and the company GOTAMBO.
In the year 2022 we were sworn of the contest Manizales more tango via realized in the city of Manizales in Colombia, we realized seminars in Manizales, Medellin and Pereyra. In the same year we made tour to Uruguay with the company Tango Lovers
In 2023 we formed part of the body of dancers of TANGO AND TANGO performing in the month of May in Paris , written by Santiago amigorena, music by philippe Cohen sosal (director of GOTAN PROYECT) and stage direction by Marcial Di Fonzo Bo. We toured Torino, folino , Salerno in Italy, Moscow and Saint Petersburg in Russia. In July 2023 we were part of the spectacle in Japan on the anniversary of the 125th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Argentina and Japan in Tokyo, together with Ramiro Gallo and his great orchestra. In September of that year we were part of the company Tango Lovers performing a successful tour in Chicago ,NewYork,California,Los Angeles,Washington,Miami ,Orlando In November they begin a tour through Russia through the renowned Galladance school performing being sworn ,giving seminars and performing.
Starting 2024 by Italy and London as Masters and dancers!


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