DJ Lua

  • CF Marin Anders


Lua is Italian and lives in Lisbon. She discovered tango in 2004 while walking along the Seine River and was completely fascinated. 

Since 2011, she has been actively involved in organizing tango events in Lisbon (“Milonga da Lua”) while also musicalizing at milongas, encuentros, festivals and various tango events across Europe and the Unites States. For her, each milonga is unique. Each tanda tells a story. Each tango brings back memories of past dances. Today, her musical selection combines the diverse tastes of the dancers she has met in tango. 

Present at events

Milonga Massey

Milonga - Jardin Massey


Milonga Halle Marcadieu

Milonga - Halle Marcadieu


A day at the Vignobles Brumont in Chateau Montus

Milonga - Château Montus

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