DJ Raffaella

Raffaella Tempesta, NeoTango DJ - From dance to the stage, from the dance floor to the turntables, Raffaella's artistic journey as an actress and dancer feeds her work as a NeoTango DJ. In a wide variety of styles, from revisited classics to more original rhythms such as world music or dubstep, via trip hop, pop... to more contemporary compositions and fusion, Raffaella creates diverse, intense and atypical atmospheres every time. To dance the tango... to dance your own tango. Often travelling to festivals and marathons as a dj, performer or teacher, Raffaella is based in Paris, where she teaches and organises the Neolonga.

Present at events

After au Rétro

After - Le Rétro


Otra milonga Halle Marcadieu

Milonga - Halle Marcadieu


Milonga in the night Mairie

Milonga - Place de la Mairie

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