Sonder Tango Orchestra

Piano: Javier Fernandez

Double bass: Gerardo Scaglione

Bandoneon: Nicolas Maceratesi

Violin: Melody Quinteros

Voice: Martin Troncozo

We are Melody Quinteros (violinist and coordinator), Nicolas Maceratesi (bandonéon and director), Javier Fernandez (piano), Gerardo Scaglione (double bass) with different singers: Federico Pierro, Martin Troncozo, Ruben Peloni.

This orchestra have the particularity to have all musicians from Argentina with a higly qualified carrier in Tango, living in Europe. We created this orchestra in 2019 to have the possibility to share our culture (tango and arrangement) with the world. We have been playing in a lot of milongas, concerts and shows where we share performance with dancers like: Miguel Angel Zotto and Daiana Guspero, Carlitos Espinoza and Agustina Piaggio, Facundo Piñero and Vanesa Villalba, Jonathan Saavedra and Clarisa Aragón, Cristian Palomo and Melisa Sacchi, Aoniken Quiroga and Elisa Sarrubbi, Sebastian Arce and Mariana Marinova, Javier Rodriguez and Moira Castellano, Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez, Chicho Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda, Julian Sanchez and Bruna Estellita, and others fantastic dancers; and Festivals like: Italy-Trani, Holand -L’aya, France- Tarbes en Tango, Spain- Granada, Poland- Recuerdo Warsaw Tango, Dubai, ecc. Has been part of famous international companies as “Tango x 2” with Miguel Angel Zotto, “Tango Legends”, “Conexion Piazzolla” with Leo Calvelli and  Guillermo Fernandez.In February of this year (2023) we had recorder, in Argentina, our first album “Seguime si podes” with the collaboration of different singers: Guillermo Fernandez, Martin Troncozo and Federico Pierro. Actually, we are doing our tour in different countries like: Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, England, Holland, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Albanian, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Rumania, Czech Republic, Finland, Scotland, Turkey, Dubai, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, China, South Korea, Egypt, ec

Present at events

Milonga Halle Marcadieu

Milonga - Halle Marcadieu

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