Ensemble DIXIT

Classical music twisted with flair and sensitivity, blending tango, jazz, improvised music and other contemporary influences; a world where Ravel sounds like Klezmer, Bach vibrates to the East, Brahms grooves jazzy, the Danse Macabre is more macabre than ever and Schubert dances the tango...

Pianist and composer Chloë Pfeiffer wields the art of arrangement with brio, using classical music as a raw material, kneading it, shaping it according to the whims that run through her, often departing far from the original and tipping over into the world of composition.

She has surrounded herself with 4 excellent musicians from a wide range of backgrounds, who play an integral part in the sound and aesthetic research of each piece.

A vibrant tribute to the 'great repertoire'; music that's festive, poignant, vibrant with multiple influences, where it's pleasant to recognise a melody you know by heart and to be surprised by the fresh perspective of the 5 talented musicians.

Present at events

CONCERT: Ensemble Dixit

Concert - Théâtre les Nouveautés

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