Mariana Mazú Cuarteto

Mariana Mazú: vocals
Leo Andersen: guitar
Lysandre Donoso: bandoneon
Cristian Basto: double bass

Mariana Mazú

With her debut album "La bella indiferencia" (2020), Argentine singer Mariana Mazú rose to fame in her homeland and took home the Gardel Award for both Best Tango Album of the Year and Best Tango Artist of 2021.

The album already has more than 1.5 million plays on Spotify. "With his eclectic and open style, he represents a breath of fresh air in today's tango. It is enough to listen to his award-winning debut album to affirm that the music of Buenos Aires has and should have no limit," says journalist Maximiliano Carranza. During the months of April and May 2023, the singer toured Europe extensively and gave 27 concerts in
Norway, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, France and Italy. She will soon release a live album recorded at the prestigious FACHING CLUB in Stockholm while planning her new European tour, which will take place in August and September 2024. She will be accompanied by one of her country's leading guitarists, Leonardo Andersen, as well as acclaimed French bandoneonist Lysandre Donoso.


Lysandre Donoso

is one of the most important bandoneonists in Europe and is regularly called upon by the most prestigious orchestras. An outstanding Tango connoisseur, he won the award for best bandoneonist in the contest organized by the Astor Piazzolla Foundation in 2021. He participated in recordings of various styles from classical music with Martha Argerich. through jazz, as well as Tango.



Leonardo Andersen

Leonardo Andersen is an award-winning guitarist and composer from Argentina. He has worked with leading international artists such as Nicky Nicole, Abel Pintos and Franco Luciani. Together with the latter and pianist Pepe Colángelo, he won the Gardel Award for Best Instrumental Tango Album 2021.

Present at events


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