Solange Bazely

A recognized expert in Argentine culture since 1992, Solange Bazely uses her voice to convey her knowledge at conferences, reading aloud, guided tours and shows.

“Piazzolla x 2”, created in 2020 with musician Hubert Plessis, has conquered the public and continues its journey after more than 20 performances, including at the national stage of Albi.

With “Un tango pour Lautrec”, she interprets the text of Julio Cortázar, with whom she feels close artistically.

She has collaborated on numerous projects in France (Cité de la Musique, Théâtre National de Chaillot, Salle Pleyel, Universal) and internationally (University of Geneva, Festival de Granada).

With an all-round curiosity, she dances, writes, meets, interviews, reads, listens, sings, travels, translates… at the Opéra de Bordeaux, in Lyon and in all the major tango festivals in France, as well as in many media libraries and during remarkable videoconferences.



Present at events

Drawn reading: A tango for Lautrec

Others - Théâtre les Nouveautés

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