Mirtha Alcaraz Dahani

Mirtha ALCARAZ-DAHHANI, choirmaster and singing teacher was born in Argentina where she reached an advanced level in her Music studies at the Cordoba National Conservatory of Music and the Institute Domingo Zipoli. On coming to Europe in 1978 for a tour with the "Musicantes," she settled in the Lavedan area in 1985.

  Particularly recognized in the Midi-Pyrenees and Aquitaine regions for her qualities as a trainer, she is regularly called upon to supervise singing courses or occasionally intervene with choirs so as to provide choirs and choir masters with additional technique.

           Since 1991, Mirtha Alcaraz-Dahhani has been a choirmaster for different mixed choirs with men women and children, both in Midi-Pyrenees in Aquitaine. Since 2007, she has directed the  Pau Mixed Choir Rythmapau  and the women’s choir Armila

Present at events

SINGING workshop

Chant - Conservatoire Henri Duparc

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