DJ Daniel El mirlo blanco

It was love at first sight for Argentine tango in 2005.

A passion that immediately led him to roam stages, milongas and festivals all over France.
Unmissable stop in Buenos Aires which was a second shock, the encounter of milonguero style resting on the music of the old guard and the golden age.
it is quite understandable  that he was attracted to  musicalisation within the Tangueros association in  Perpignan.
His first milongas as a DJ were noteworthy .
Since then he has DJed in festivals and encuentros all over the South West,  Toulouse, Carcassone, Béziers, Perpignan and in Spain.
He loves seeing the harmony of « Ronda »  in the ball and feeling the emotion in the tender and sensual abrazos.

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