INSTRUMENT Pass : orchestra option

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205 € (TR* 122 €)

6 lessons of 5 hours (30h)
from 10 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 5 pm
from Monday to Saturday,

The orchestra option is for confirmed musicians with their own instrument: violin, alto, cello, contrabasse, bandoneon, flute, clarinet. Pianos are provided.
The Orchestra option training session will be conducted by  the orchestra  " Típica Silbando" : 

Chloë Pfeiffer, (piano et direction),

Carmela Delgado (bandonéon),

Mathias Naon (violon),

Lucas Eubel (contrebasse).

 At the end of the training  session all the trainees, will play for the Saturday Cocktail Hour

How to register

Class given by

Carmela Delgado

Chloé Pfeiffer

Lucas Eubel Frontini

Mathias Naon

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