Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

1:30pm – 5:30pm / Break 30 min


10h30 - 12h

This seminar is provided by Santiago Giachello accompanied by Eva Laura Nadar and is aimed at semi-professionals and confirmed dancers

Mandatory registration as a couple (or Guide-Follower) - 25 pairs maximum
Air-conditioned room

This seminar aims to enrich your tango by bringing you in-depth technical knowledge in each of the topics that will be addressed.
We will work in the search for quality, benevolence and listening.

The movements in opposition (ochos, rebounds, patadas, etc) the deep dissociation and boleos. Work around thwarted, linear and circular movements.

Explore the different styles of tango (canyengue, del centro, salon and nuevo).
We will discover the most representative movements of each style as well as the names of the dancers who left their imprint in each of them.

Work on the development of improvisation and creativity. Open up to new possibilities. Exercises to improve your creative power, techniques to build movements.

The world of the tour. Relationship of legs, dynamics, centrifugal energy, man and woman planeos. Work in depth around the «giro». The different energies, the changes in rhythm, the connection.

How to register

Class given by

Santiago Giachello et Eva Laura Madar

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