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Compagnia Dreams of Tango

de Pablo Moyano e Roberta Beccarini


"dreams of Tango"

An emotional journey between the tango of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Stories of men and women who move embraced throughout different moments and the stages of their lives to the rhythm of a penetrating and liberating music that tells different stories between characters, opposed that seek complements attract and repel in the box, creating romantic scenes, conlicts, union and friendship at each step ... in each look. And this is how the show becomes a place of choreographic contaminations, virtuosity of interpretation and pure technique. From Carlos di Sarli to Osvaldo Pugliese to reach the great Astor Piazzolla as a solid evolution of the characters, but also the evolution of today's times to end, as well as in the dreams told by the perfumes and the moments of Tango where each character in the stage will tell images of his life made dance and made theater through the Tango.

An alternation of stories, looks and choreography performed with elegance and skill by 4 pairs of international soloists capable of evoking with an amazing technique and a great expressive quality, different atmospheres and atmospheres, without ever losing the essence of pure Tango. Accompanied by the Tango Sonos Quartet Orchestra and the unmistakable voice of the legendary Argentinian singer Guillermo Fernandez.

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Artists involved

Guillermo Fernandez

Los hermanos Giachello

Lucas Ameijeiras & Yanina Bassi

Pablo Garcia & Romina Godoy

Pablo Moyano & Roberta Beccarini


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