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Locate Concert - Halle Marcadieu
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It is no secret I have a real passion for Tango. I have alrady mentioned that the first singing voice I had  heard as a child was that of Carlos Gardel, coming from a crackling LP my father adored. Later, between funny tributes ((« l’Homme à La Moto » translated as « El Hombre con la motocycletta » with a phoney Argentine accent, which has become a classic at my piano solo concerts) and great veneration (« Volver » recorded on the cd « No Parano »), this childhood passion has been neither faked nor faded. So when I came across Silbando Orchestra whose album « Mano Sinistra » I had relished listening to, I not only suggested to them performing at the opening act of my Playel concert in 2019, but I was sure the beat would go on, one way or another.

And she is starting today

With Chloé Pfeiffer, Silbando pianist, conductor and arranger, we have decided to revisit part of my repertoire - plus some classics of the Chanson Française- because a part of my repertoire owes a lot to my tanguera habits as a composer, and also because part of the Chanson Française enriched itself on the popularity of Tango in its own culture, sometimes parodic, often serious but always loving. Singing with magnificent Silbando- which calls to mind the great Argentine orchestras such as Osvaldo Pugliese’s  or Leopoldo Federico’s orchestras- comes down to one phrase : « We’re in for a treat !! »

So are you !!


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