• ©Rudy Menduni
  • ©Rudy Menduni
  • ©Rudy Menduni
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Locate Show - Théâtre des Nouveautés
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The choreographic piece SEASONS for six Argentinean Tango dancers is the first creation of Ariane Liautaud. Created with the support of the Palais de Tokyo and the CND of Pantin, it was notably presented at the Beaux jours de la danse in Rennes. Inspired by their personal story and their partnership as dancer and couple, Ariane present with this piece the ephemeral aspect of sentimental relationship. She revisit traditional themes of argentinian tango shows : love at first sight, the encounter, jealousy, passional conflict, reconciliation; giving a modern portrait of intimate relationship. Carried away by the compositions of Antonio Vivaldi, Astor Piazzolla’s and Eduardo Rovira’s, six dancers are crossing, seducing each other, playing together, dansing for one and other at a point where theater gets involved to the choregraphy. The couple is presented as moving entity, each individual evolves or try to follow the beloved one’s evolution. The duels that are taking form and are following one another are the different reflect of the one and same love story. The missunderstanding, small clumsiness, gestures of tenderness, punctuate with humour the seasons witch cross these two protagonists. The dependance on the other one and the fragility that comes trought a relation are expressed by the mouvements and the seek of complementarity what isspecific to tango dancers.

Choreographer and Director – Ariane Liautaud

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