Excursion: "Cirque de Gavarnie"

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Discover the many riches of the Pyrenean heritage: excursion organized by COSTA VOYAGES (Lourdes).

From Lourdes, en route to Gavarnie, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
On the way, you can visit the Pyrenean Animal Park, one of the top 3 European animal parks.You will also be invited to immerse yourself in the friendly and authentic atmosphere of a mountain market in Argeles Gazost.
A little further, taste the spiritual foods offered by the visit of the Abbey of St Savin and then the terrestrial foods by tasting the famous black pig of Bigorre of the workshop Pierre Sajous.

Departure from Tarbes: 8h Place Marcadieu

Contact:  +33 5 62 94 20 63 -  transcosta@wanadoo.fr

Details - Registration (required): www.costa-voyages-lourdes.com

Les inscriptions ne peuvent pas se faire sur le site de la billetterie de Tarbes en Tango (ci-dessous)

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