Milonga in the night at the Haras

Locate Milonga - Haras de Tarbes
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This is good news!
Sur un Air de Tarbes En tango will propose you milongas! Tangueras, Tangueros you can dance in Tarbes on a floor of 875 m² on the wonderful shaded site of the Haras during the day from 14:00 to 18:00 and in the evening from 20:00 to midnight (by reservation – limited gauge – compliance with sanitary rules).

Obviously the agreement obtained from the prefectural services is likely to change according to the sanitary conditions.

If the weather does not allow dancing outside, a retreat will be organized under the Halle Marcadieu, without floor.

If the organization of the festival decides to withdraw, the information will be given the same day, before 1 pm, on Facebook, on the website of the festival and at the Office de Tourimse.

How to buy your tickets

Artists involved

DJ Asier Galardi

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