Milagros Caliva

Milagros Caliva

Milagros Caliva is a young and brilliant bandoneonist born in Buenos-Aires in 1996. Her father comes from the province of Salta and her mother from Misiones. The music from  North West Argentina (música litoraleña) marked her childhood and influenced her musical experience ; her grandfather showed her the way, teaching her bandoneon by making her play within his band.

She then started a solo career and recorded three albums which opened the way to numerous chamame festivals in Argentina as well as Brazil : Festival Nacional del Chamamé (Corrientes) Fiesta del Chamamé de Federal (Entre-Rios), Fiesta del Auténtico Chamamé Tradicional (Mburucuyá, Corrientes), Festival del Pomelo (Formosa), Campo Grande Do Sul (Brésil), Porto Alegre (Brésil), Sao Pablo (Brésil), etc…


At the same time she has turned to other musical genres and played in several tango orchestras in Buenos-Aires or in the provinces.

Milagros also plays along with guitarist Rudi Flores, one of the great representatives of Argentina popular music with whom they plan an album.

For bandoneon she was mainly influenced by Isaco Abitbol, Transito Cocomarola, Nini Flores, Nestor Marconi, Lepoldo Federicot and Roberto Di Filippo.

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