Santiago Giachello & Agostina Tarchini

Santiago Giachello

Born in Argentina, Santiago Giachello is an Argentine tango dancer, teacher and choreographer with over 25 years of professional experience.

At 13 years old, after having won five times the first national prize in malambo sureño, Argentine folk dance,   Santiago discovers and is passionate about the Argentine tango. It took him only a few years and a diligent practice to make it his profession as early as 1997, only 16 years old. He therefore integrates the shows of the best Casas de Tango of Buenos Aires (El Querandi, La Ventana, El Viejo Almacén) and shares the stage with the greatest artists  (Virginia Luque, Julian Plaza, Beba Pugliese, Carlos Lazzari, José Colangelo, Vanina Bilous and Roberto Herrera, etc.). He performs in television shows dedicated to the Argentinian tango, advertisements and great events bringing together mythical figures of the tango. At 21 years old, he has already taken part in three tours in Japan with the Orquesta Juan D'Arienzo, the Orquesta Tipica Tokyo and the Japanese diva Anna Saeki. He works with the Saint Petersburg Chamber Orchestra in Russia, the Half Note in Athens, Greece, and the El Querandi troupe in Brazil. The years that followed continued to shape her dance, characterized by her elegance, creativity and musicality. He proposes an original tango, authentic and full of grace. Far from stereotypes and clichés, he was inspired by dancers of all generations and styles to develop his own personality.

Her curiosity and openness lead her to the creation of original choreographies and shows to explore the mixtures between Tango and Fado (show «Tango Fado»), tango with Human Beat-box (show «En Crudo») the African origins of tango, with candombe, murga, canyengue (show «Tango Negro» with Juan Carlos Caceres), tango and hip-hop (show Luces de la Calle) which he presented at the festivals of Tarbes en Tango.

Through his pedagogy, he seeks to transmit all his know-how with passion and always in benevolence, respect and listening. Very concerned about quality, he is extremely precise in his corrections and has trained hundreds of dancers and dozens of teachers around the world. Santiago now specializes in teaching to an advanced and professional audience.

Agostina Tarchini

Agostina Tarchini was born in Santiago del Estero. She is a professional choreographer and dancer. She graduated with honours in psychology from the Universidad del Salvador in Argentina.
She has won international titles such as
World champion of tango on stage (2017) Finalist of the Festival TangoVía Feria de Manizales. (Colombia 2015). Best dancer at the CIOFF Buyukcekmece Festival (Türkiye 2016). Miss Festival at the CIOFF "Interfolk Festival" Kolobrzeg (Poland 2016). Chosen with the DIOMEDES TUNEZ prize, for her contributions to cultural identity (Venezuela 2018).
 Creator of her own Tangofemme style, in which she seeks to boost women's self-esteem, combining tango technique with current styles, allowing women to exploit their sensuality.
 He has worked in tango houses in Argentina, legendary venues such as Café Tortoni, La Ventana and El Viejo Almacén.

 Director, producer and choreographer of the dance-theatre piece "Un viaje de Ida". Assistant choreographer of the play "La Bombonera" by Aleksandar Nikolic. Performer in the Opera "Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny" by Marcelo Lombardero, Teatro Colón (Argentina, 2017) In addition to dancing in other major Theatres such as the Folie Bergères (Romeo and Julliet Tango, Paris 2020) Noh Shibuya City National Theatre (tour with Color Tango Orchestra, Tokyo 2019-2023), Alexandrinksy Theatre (Moscow, 2019), Royal Opera house (London, 2023) He currently resides in Barcelona and is developing his activity by giving workshops and performances internationally. Asia: Japan, Philippines, South Korea, China, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia. Europe: Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Turkey, Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay.

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