DJ Paz Diago

She lives in Pamplona and came to tango in 2006 through dance, captivated from the start by the melodies she heard in her first milongas, which aroused her curiosity about orchestras and singers, and led her to compile her own music.

Her careful selection of traditional and romantic styles becomes fun when the occasion calls for it. With good taste, her repertoire spans different eras, from the great orchestras of the Golden Age to the orchestras that perpetuate the same spirit today.

She loves to observe how the energy flows on the dance floor, finding the right tanda at every moment to ensure that the magic never wanes and that no milonguero sits down before the milonga is over.

For over ten years, she has played at the Pamplona Tango Club and Nido Gaucho milongas, as well as at the Jueves de Tango milonga. She has performed at venues on both sides of the Pyrenees, including Sitges, La Toja, Mogro, Reus, Zaragoza, Pau, Hendaye, Donosti, Bilbao and Logroño, among others. She has also provided the music for all the Encuentros de Tango Argentino in Pamplona, from the first to the tenth and final edition, as well as for the Transpirenaicos, held this year for the first time in Pamplona.

Present at events

Milonga Massey

Milonga - Jardin Massey


Milonga Mairie

Milonga - Place de la Mairie


Milonga Halle Marcadieu

Milonga - Halle Marcadieu

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